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For Your Weekend Listening Pleasure…Piano and the Beauty of Fall

Those of us in Florida do not always get to see the beauty of the Fall season when leaves turn their golden colors mixed with red.  Perhaps one of our most memorable trips was to visit Japan in the Fall when the maples had turned a brilliant red.

The Fall scenes you will see remind me of my birthplace in the mountains of North Carolina and our home in Virginia.  This weekend, however,  I invite you to listen to piano music and see Japan again with me in the video below.  (Enlarge picture for better viewing.)


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  1. What a lovely video. We are expecting a wonderful autumn of colour in the U.K. due to the weather this year. There are already some deep oranges and reds further north. Down here it is still green with a touch of yellow except for some of the climbers which are purple now. It’s misty outside this morning and the gentle roll into Autumn is going to slip into a much sharper fall in the next few days.


    October 3, 2014 at 15:10