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Communication…the baby steps!

If people are not trying to kill you, it may be a good idea to lean back into babyhood when communicating. The word “communication” sounds so sophisticated and grown up. We may have to learn from babies and children what it really means.

By this, I mean, start with a little face to face. Go straight to a little sound or two.  Grab his/her hands…keep looking into the eyes and then give those words and sounds all you can muster.

Take a look at these two in our video below.   They get the idea…and maybe we can also. It seems so simple and yet we have so much trouble with communicating. . Maybe it takes interest…Yes, that is it. How interested are we really in the other person? Do their little sounds or sighs mean anything to us?

There are different forms of communicating.  We first have to realize that there are those sitting right next to us that are as surprised at what is happening around them (and in the world) as we are!babies surpried







Sometimes we just have to cry together!babies crying








babies understandingSometimes we just have to listen when someone is trying to tell us something.









babies readingOther times we communicate by just being together….quietly.









babies eatingEating together is always a fun thing to do. Just remember to turn off the phone…and give that person full attention.








“Out of the mouth of babes” we are often taught.   Communicating seems to be a natural thing…built in…and waiting to happen.  Somewhere along the way, we have made it a hard thing… perhaps becoming fearful…which was not the way it was meant to be.

For 2015, take a few “baby steps” to communicating…listening…and appreciating one another.

CLICK FOR VIDEO  but be certain to notice the light in the eyes…the expressions of “I’m just glad you are here!”

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