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Do you think you missed God’s Miracle?

Everyone on earth has heartache in one form or another.  We pray during these trying times.  Sometimes we beg God to “Just do something!”    Other times, we ask that big question, “Why?”   Friends will say, “We’re praying for you.”    Others will only mutter, “What a shame.”    Down deep we want to have a miracle to change a particular thing that is affecting our lives so greatly.

If we got that miracle, what would it do for us?   If we do not see a miracle, do we think that maybe God never heard in the first place…or He really isn’t the God of Love that we believe Him to be?   So many hard questions…so few answers.

Perhaps it was not by coincidence that I found this testimony of a man whose miracle was different from what he expected.  It was different from what his family, especially his mother or father, expected.  He found peace and a joy in life despite his circumstances.   Thank you, Scott, for sharing your story.  Now, through my blog, I am sharing it to the world for those who feel that perhaps they have missed God’s miracle.

The Accident and more on God’s grace:

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