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Downton Abbey Parody…everyone loves a spoof!

At the Christmas season, the actors in Downton Abbey and guest actors did their best to entertain us for a charitable cause. It worked! Who does not love a parody or a spoof?  The Royalty or the high-born in society may not be so amused, but we at Boyer Writes thought it was “jolly good”!

What exactly is a spoof? It is “a humorous imitation of something while exaggerating its characteristic features for comic effect.”

 A parody is a “humorous or satirical imitation of a serious piece of literature or writing”…or in this case a TV script.  It’s function is a “kind of comedy that imitates and mocks individuals or a piece of work. However, when it mingles with satire, it makes satire more pointed and effective. Most importantly, a parody appeals to the reader’s sense of humor. He enjoys the writer poking fun at the set ideals of society and becomes aware of the lighter side of an otherwise serious state of affairs. Thus, parody adds spice to a piece of literature that keeps the readers interested.”

Throughout history, the spoof or parody has been used by famous writers. Shakespeare used it in his Sonnet 13 when he wrote a parody on traditional love poems.  Don Quixote” written by Miguel de Cervantes is a parody of romances written in his days.  Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travel” is a parody of travel narratives as well as a satire on contemporary England. The more serious one takes the subject…the more ridiculous the spoof…but perhaps the most enjoyed.

“Tally ho”….I think I have spotted just the right modern-day video for your viewing pleasure.    Straight away.. let’s watch it!   (As you can see, I  love the phrases used by our friends, the British!   A “Toast to Happiness”…in this world of such unhappiness!   Carry On!… but be sure to watch the video to the very end…for more fun. There is a quick commercial for the charity in the middle and then resumes. )


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