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Destruction vs Inspiration …for your pleasure!

My fellow blogger, Stephen Liddell, just wrote a blog about the terrible destruction  by ISIS of monuments that have lasted thousands of years.  Monument destruction    Why anyone would want to destroy something that has existed for so very long is beyond imagination.  Yet,beyond evil and destruction… there is in the heart of man the desire to create…to make beautiful things.  Unfortunately some things will not last for thousands of years!  Nevertheless those who want to give to the world, rather than take away from the world, can give us some unexpected things to appreciate and enjoy.

Even the tiny bee understands better than the unthinking, radical man.  As  Saint Francis de Sales said, “The bee collects honey from flowers in such a way as to do the least damage or destruction to them, and he leaves them whole…undamaged and fresh…just as he found them.    If only man had the wisdom of a bee.

Let me introduce to you a man not of destruction…but of creative beauty…..Ra Paulette

Ra Paulette takes nature and digs and digs.  Working with only hand tools, Ra wants people to find peace and purpose. A moment or length of time when a person finds a deeper understanding of themselves and life.   For your weekend pleasure…Ra Paulette.

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