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THE POWER OF WORDS can change many things

If we only knew how much words mean, we might choose them more carefully.  We know that the words spoken in history have changed nations.

  • Take the speeches made by Hitler to people who eventually hung on his every word….doing his bidding even beyond the rationale of the human mind.
  • The words of Mother Teresa, now a saint, who spoke the words of comfort to the poor and dying on the streets of Calcutta.
  • The emotions that were heard in the words of those watching the Twin Towers falling on 9-11.
  • The  words of warmth, when whispered in your ear, “I love you.”
  • Words that change feelings and relationships, when one hears…”I’m sorry or Forgive me”.

Even the words not spoken, but written can make a great difference in the lives of people. What we read in the newspapers or in books, may change our way of thinking.  The Holy Scriptures, which were first spoken and then eventually written, have given a soul the reason for living and hope for eternity.

Think carefully before you speak…..or write.   It may be profound to someone.

A friend sent me this video which gives another meaning to the written word and its effect on people:

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