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Water, Food, Finances, Technology, Aggression…in common?

world 2The world has become a small place. Each person…each country…is intertwined with the other.   As we face a new year, we are concerned about where the world may be headed.  No one wants to hear “gloom and doom”.  Most would like for the good things of life to continue…yes, continue….on and on without much thought to what we, the human race, may be bringing upon ourselves.  Is this a reality to what we have become…even with all our advantages and inventions?

The video that I am sharing on this blog faces serious questions that all must consider.  Several men, with varied backgrounds of expertise, met to discuss  the threats to societies around the world…and our own American life in particular.

A thoughtful debate and discussion was on these subjects:

*Financial instability

*Water and oil depletion

*Hostile Technology such as AI (Artificial intelligence)

*Terrorist Aggression

The world may be in our hands more than we know.


DON’T BE PUT OFF BY THE TITLE ON THIS VIDEO.  I personally think it is miss-titled, because by the end of the video each man believes that we can make changes that will help save the future.  It is also my belief that my readers, who take the time to watch and listen carefully, will find these men, who are experts in their respective fields, of great interest.   If nothing more, they present us with great food for thought.

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