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A Culture Forgives Honor Killings

The unbelievable story of a woman who simply  loved and married a man outside of her faith has been made into a documentary.  Saba Qaiser’s  father attempted to murder her, but she survived his misnamed “Honor Killing”.  This documentary about Saba Qaiser’s ordeal will be presented at the Academy Awards.  The media exposure may hopefully be the beginning of a new revolution against abusing or murdering women because they make their own life decisions.

The New York Times author, Nicholas Kristof, has written an article about this attempted  murder and the culture that expects the victim to forgive.  After the forgiveness, life then will go on as usual and more women will be at risk from this practice.

Saba Quaiser in movie A Girl in the River

(Saba Qaiser in “A Girl in the River,” an Oscar-­nominated documentary about her survival of an attempted “honor killing” after she fell in love and married. photo credit HBO)

In one of my previous blogs, Wake Up Men…Your Women are at Risk,  featured the story of an American journalist, Lara Login, who was assaulted and raped by men within the same culture as Saba.  Lara was covering what was supposed to be a new beginning for all people of Egypt known as the Arab Spring.   This uprising did nothing for the women caught in the jaws of time and tradition.

Woman and governments around the world need to stand up for those who have suffered for centuries under such brutality.   One may ask what can  be done if traditions of a culture has been around for thousands of years?  It will take determined leaders of  country after country to change their laws in order to protect the women of their societies.  The problem with this is that the male leaders in power are often part of the same culture.

Wrongs have to be challenged, but it will take courage.  We, in America and other countries abolished slavery; gave  women the right to vote; education, and the privilege of being protected from abusive families, husbands and others.   Yet, there is still suffering. Modern law stands on the side of the abused when actions are challenged and reported. It is hard to imagine the trauma that a woman, like Saba, goes through when she is told that it is her responsibility to forgive and forget….allowing her attacker to go free.

Here is Mr. Kristof’s article




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