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Children can be Adorable

My last blog was on the beauty, intelligence and temperament of dogs.  Therefore, while I’m doing “cute” and not some tragic thing going on in the world, I thought I would share with you how adorable children can be.

Actually, I am probably advertising and promoting a children’s line.  (The Diana Award Collection is an exclusive new baby clothes range distributed by Seraphine. Featuring the signature Diana Tartan, made in Scotland.)

The real reason for showing the video, is the amazing job that the person or company making the video has done in producing this advertisement.

(Watch out Super Bowl advertisers! Oh, they are in Scotland and probably will not pay the millions of dollars!)

Having worked with children myself, I know it is not easy to have them do as one wishes.  They are more likely to run to the other side of the room or cry.  It took some great skill and probably some good editing.

Enjoy with me now, some adorable children and a great video.  

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