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The Seeds novel by N.W. Boyer takes off

THE SEEDS is a historical fiction novel based on “What ever happened to SS General Hans Kammler” a blog that I wrote  in 2010.  Almost everyday, there are people reading this post with a number of comments including one reader who said Gen. Kammler was his uncle.   This may tell us how interested readers are in World War II.

The novel, The Seeds, speculates on  those who may have evaded capture and punishment for terrible war crimes or who may have been assimilated into the West as engineers and scientists to further  space exploration.    2010 blog on Gen Hans Kammler

In the case of SS General Kammler, the mystery novel, The Seeds, brings the reader to modern times  where Gen. Kammler may be located.  It also makes the reader face the problems of war, terrorism, and misery that we are  in this modern world.  Characters in the story plot to change the world and its leadership as we know it.

Because of the great abilities we have when blogging through WordPress, this novel is intermixed with pictures and videos that add to the drama. Careful research has gone into the writing, with some writer privilege throw into the mix.

Eventually this book will go to print, but not in the same way that it can be shared online.   Chapter by chapter, The Seeds unfolds. If one misses a chapter, he is a click away from catching up, as each previous  chapter is shown next to the latest writing.

You have an opportunity to send in your email and be notified with each blog press.   Just having posted chapter 22, here is the link to  THE SEEDS.

Happy reading!


Artist concept of what Nazi invention may have been intended to fly from The Bell using Viktor Schauberger’s air turbine and lifting liquids and gases. Was this flying saucer type aircraft actually invented? Read The SEEDS.

ANazi_Bell_test_rig_300 few pictures from the chapters:


Longyearbyen, Norway near The Global Seed Vault in Svalbard


Seeds are stored in case of a world wide catastrophe

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