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Sing it from the balconies!

We are always being told how far down the academic list our American students are in comparison to other nations.  This may be true in some areas of education. As for the Arts, one must not forget that many school districts cut music and art from the curriculum while they funded sports.

When I traveled to Japan, as an educator to study the Japanese educational system, one wing of a high school that I was visiting  was filled with baby-grand pianos on which students were practicing. Even after the the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and the music studios were left in ruins, the Japanese music students continued to practice and perform in other areas of Japan. (Tohoku earthquake in 2011  triggered a Tsunami  causing an accident at the nuclear energy plant)  Their love of music could not be destroyed.

I also may add that I saw high school students mopping their school’s hallways. Asking if they were being punished, I was told they take turns doing it because they are proud of their school.  I think it may be time to “Make our Students Proud Again”.

In choral music, like the video you are about to see, the 500 high school choral students performing from the balconies of the Louisville Hyatt Regency Hotel, they are the best.  The National Anthem for the United States, The Star Spangled Banner, showcased the students at the Kentucky Music Education Convention and their outstanding abilities.

During this political season, we hear Mr. Trump describe his hundreds of grand hotels around the world. I have an idea.   Perhaps he could donate (tax write-off) some of his millions to support these students in traveling around the world as Music Student Ambassadors  for the U.S.   It would be a great cultural experience and a boost to using their talents in some of the places they would never see in a life-time.  See if you agree with me.

Video (Turn on sound and enlarge screen)

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