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Modern Day Martyrs

They were simple women, giving their lives to take care of others because they believed that Christ would want them to do so. In this case, it was about eighty old people who needed help.  The little sisters of the Missionaries of Charity, started by Mother Theresa, had only one thing against them…they were believers in Jesus Christ.

The nuns  were the only ones in the areas of Taez, Hodeidah, and Sanaa, Yemen to be providing love and care of those unable to care for themselves.  A local religious leader, Sheikh Mohammed Mahboob, said ISIL and terrorist collaborators were responsible because they believed Christians to be “heretics”.   Now, a Christian priest from India has been kidnapped and the local authorities  are trying to find him.

The Christian world is shocked, as is Pope Francis, but are they shocked enough to call for a denunciation of Christian genocide?  It is not enough to say prayers for the dead after diabolical violence or to say “our hearts go out to the victim’s families”. This is slaughter and the world should condemn it…including the heads of all religious faiths.
In this post, I am including a letter to U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry to speak out for the people around the world who condemn these acts.   Regardless of your religious beliefs or lack of religious faith, if you believe this slaughter must stop, take a look at this  link and add your protest. It is the least we can do for the memory of our modern-day martyrs.
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