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Do political candidates tell the TRUTH?

2016 political candidates

Americans are voting across the nation for the candidates who will face each other in November 2016. At this time, it is down in number to a “precious few”. Most voters just want the candidate they support to tell the truth…and nothing but the truth. This is the case whether a person votes Democratic or Republican.  It is hard to tell who one can actually trust to be honest.Character, on both sides, seems to be out the window.  The spin on truth begins on almost any question asked. Hardly ever is the exact question answered.  It is then left up to the voter to decipher and analyze  the answer. Will the person really telling the truth, PLEASE STAND UP!   We’d like to know who you are.

Perhaps the most troubling has been the more recent comments made to millions of American viewers about Patricia Smith, whose son died in the Benghazi attack, that her statements of being lied to by the State Department and the President  were “wrong”. Life and death matters deserve the entire truth and not called a “Fog of War”.


The video below is an interview of Patricia Smith who has not  been told the truth by those government officials responsible for giving family members the comfort of reality even though the reality may be very difficult.  Real people, with real hurts and concerns, need to be respected and told straight-up the truth. If things went wrong, as they surely did in Benghazi, then the truth should be told, especially to the families.

Politicians are often so concerned about the next election that they brush aside all honor.  They are voted into office, often with a pledge to be “the most transparent in history” to those who elected them.  The people need to hold every person in office  to that pledge.

It is most surprising that the Americans can look so far past the character and moral values of those they elect, especially when that person or persons are holding some of the highest offices of the land.  Truthfulness may not be expedient, but it is all we have if we are going to trust those in charge of our military, our nuclear capabilities, our economic future and our security against terrorism.  At this point, people I talk to say, “It may come down to the lesser of two evils.”  How sad.








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