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Calling in the Night


stars at night

Did you ever wonder how God speaks to us?  In Scriptures we are told that certain ones actually heard the voice of God.  Even today, some people are certain that they have heard the voice of God. It would be nice for all of us if God woke us each morning, telling us how to live our day and what we should do.  It would, of course, become common place and probably within a few times of hearing His voice, we would choose not to listen.

I can remember a number of years ago, when I believed that God was asking me to go from the U.S. to Mongolia. How did I know that?   Through prayer and trying to listen to my heart’s desires, I began to see doors open toward that direction.  In actuality, I ended up going there two times  and to other parts of the world, like Guatemala and Ukraine.  It has only been in the last few years that I have seen why He wanted me to go when I did.   He wanted me to have a vision of the people who lived there.  He wanted me to understand their lives and culture. He wanted me to follow-up by helping financially and seeing the work and education continue of those whom I met. I had my husband’s full support.  My children were grown and out on their own. I knew that I had to be willing to be willing to step out into the unknown.  My husband’s words rang in my heart and ears, “You cannot go where God is not.”

The first trip was to teach English to a room filled with beautiful, young Mongolians. They were mainly Buddhist and they knew that I am a Christian.  After hours of learning English, some of them approached me and ask if I would be willing to teach them some lessons out of the Bible.   I thought it might be two or three people. Imagine the surprise when I had about 10 young women, notebooks in hand, crowd into my tiny room.  Some of these same women risk it all to return to families, telling their families that they had become Christians after hearing the gospel of Christ.  Today they email me and tell me the wonderful stories of their lives.   man thinking and praying

The decision that led me to Ukraine was another time that I found life-long friends.  One went on to get his masters degree in another University with help from people in the U.S. He went on into ministry in Russia.  Another has stayed on in Ukraine, even after Donetsk Christian University, where we taught, has been taken over by Russian separatists.  A vibrant campus filled with young people is no more due to this invasion.A young woman who I met is ministering around the world and has just returned from India.  She is using her teaching skills to teach others how to reach out and be used of God.

In all the places God allowed me to go, I know He was with me and had a reason for wanting me there.  There was one song that I heard during my initial decision to take this adventure to the “ends of the earth”.  Each time I heard “Here am I “, tears would come to my eyes. There was no controlling it.  It is my belief that God often touches our minds and souls through our emotions. I’d like to share this song with someone somewhere who may be wrestling with whether God is calling them in the night. If so, go to a private place and say, “I will go Lord.”    In years to come, you will know why. 

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  1. Forrest

    Beautiful thoughts, Nancy, and a beautiful version of “Here am I, Lord”! He has an
    appropriate Irish lilt, for the day after St. Patrick’s! Thank you! Forrest


    March 19, 2016 at 02:44