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Count down until Glorious Easter_ Day 6


Palm Sunday is part of the Christian worship and the season of LENT.   This was when Jesus rode on a borrowed donkey and the people laid before Him the palm branches and cloaks …honoring Him like a King.   A King was what they wanted to free them of all the oppression in their day.  So much like we, in the modern world, look for a leader to save us from our miseries.  We may be looking the wrong way, for Jesus knew he must die first for the sins of the world in order to give the world the chance for a heavenly kingdom of total peace with mankind and God, the Father, Creator of the universe.

Count Down:  Day 6 The Triumphal Entry,   Day 5 Last Supper and In the Garden,    Day 4 Trial   Day 3  The Crucifixion  Day 2 In the Grave, Day 1 Glorious Easter…Resurrection Day

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