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The Beauty of the Earth

Driving from Florida to Virginia, it was evident that winter was almost over.  The snow is gone in the sunny south and Spring is just around the corner.  The tiny buds on the trees make a sea of different shades of green.  Driving up the Blue Ridge mountains, just over the North Carolina border into Virginia, the trees become less green with the change of altitude.  Nevertheless, the trees show their leaves are breathing to be free… bringing into view their glorious shades of color and new growth.

It is  hard to imagine that not so many  years  these mountains were stripped bare by logging.  It might be good to  remind ourselves that  magnificent trees throughout our country  were cut with no regards to the multitude of years that it took for them to grow. An example are the redwoods shown below.

cutting down the redwood forest.jpg


spring mountains Blue Ridge

The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of VA and NC

Trees are probably the most resilient of living things.  Their life cycles go on and on with some  into the hundreds, if not thousands of years, until one day they crash onto the carpets of the forest bed.old tree

 They breathe life to everything around them.  They bring rain and moisture to the earth.  Birds love them as do the tiny creatures that make them their homes.blue birds in tree


 In fact, people love them so much, they build homes in them.

tree house design


Golden Eagle Treehouse



Trees provide shade, a place to rest and food.

deer and tree leaves

Further up the mountain, the dogwoods are starting to fan out their pink or white crosses of Easter, which we know is to be a continual spiritual season.


 Under the trees are  wildflowers blooming along the roadsides.  God’s beauty is certainly upon the earth.  Take time today to have a good long look at the trees around you.

 Your life will be calmer and happier than it was before you looked. 

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