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The Phone…an Instrument of Death

death at the wheel

It was a beautiful day in Florida and three friends were out for a ride in a BMW.  What did the medics and police find in the mangled metal?    A cell phone in the car with a Snapchat  video of the three that was taken just moments before the crash.  In this case, they hit a tree and not an innocent family  with little children, who would like to live long enough to have a phone.


Florida, in the USA, is my home state. At present we have no laws against using one’s phone while driving, just warnings of the dangers.

comforting a child

Medics comfort child after auto crash

More people are calling for stronger measures for distractions by using a phone, whether talking, texting or photographing.  Nevertheless, even if we had them, it is most likely that such a law would be ignored by many.  One has to ask why people are so afraid of guns or drunk drivers, but those same  people who would never harm anyone with a gun or get behind the wheel when drinking, will text and use their phones as instruments of death.  It is absurd that one  will take such chances with their lives and the lives of others.   Many naive young people think they are in control, even while flirting with death. It never occurs to them, even after official warnings, that it could actually happen to them.

car crash2car crashes

Another Floridian made the news after killing four people while driving drunk.  He was given a slap on the wrist because he was “too wealthy to know right from wrong”.  (This type of punishment may encourage most teens that there are not many consequences to laws.) With the help of his mother, he fled the country only to get another slap on the wrist when charged as an adult.  Death that he caused by his behavior  had little meaning to this young man.

The phone is convenient and all of us use and love them. However, the  seriousness of death has not gotten through to many young people…and adults, unfortunately.

It is permanent!


2 responses

  1. You are so right. Maybe we will catch up with your laws someday. The U.S. is so preoccupied with individual rights that nothing passes quickly. Protecting the innocent should be the top priority. Thanks for your comment, Stephen.


    April 19, 2016 at 04:31

  2. In the U.K. it is a very serious offence. Police almost routinely check in a traffic accident whether people have been using their phones for voice calls, text messages or photos. If they have found to be have been using the phone in the minutes or seconds leading up to an incident then they will face a severe jail sentence, above and beyond what they might have faced otherwise. It seems that for this particular crime, it is young women who often have the most awful crashes, killing other innocent road users, particularly cyclists. If you need to use your phone, park your car up. Otherwise it is probably safer to do as I do and just switch it off… nothing is more important than arriving at the destination safe and sound.


    April 18, 2016 at 20:30