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The WASPS…very late recognition

WASP women flyers in WWII

What is a WASP one may ask?    It stands for the Women Airforce Service Pilots — or WASP for short.   There were over one thousand women who volunteered to learn how to fly military aircraft, including the B-26 and B-29 bombers.   Unfortunately they were not given the recognition for the service that they provided in the war…or the risks that were theirs in performing such tasks.   Many were killed, but were not allowed until recently to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Their official recognition has taken 65 years, far too long and late.   Women, who bravely flew for our freedom, now can be given the highest civilian honor by the U.S. Congress, the Congressional Gold Medal.


To learn more about these patriotic women, we would like to introduce you to a World War II WASP who is now 95 years old. She does not have “can’t” in her vocabulary.  Bernice Haydu  should be an example and inspiration  to all of us.

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