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The Golden Retriever….Getting Over our Differences

Anyone who has owned a golden retriever will tell you they are the sweetest, most gentle dogs imaginable. Today we are adding another attribute…patience.…even the patience of Job!   I can remember when our Gracie would curl up on our back entrance with a neighbor cat named Patches.  Patches, an adult cat, would wait for Gracie to come out and then very carefully tip toe her way between Gracie’s paws.  Settling down very quietly and carefully, Patches was happy as could be with her best friend, our Golden.

Gracie next to treeNow you have to know a little about Gracie.  She is 13 years old (that’s 91 in human years) and one would think that she might be a little difficult…not wanting to be bothered.   Not, Gracie! She seemed very content to have this feline invade her space. She also is truly our “golden” dog for she has had two surgeries on her hind legs. Without the surgeries, she would not have been able to walk and a dog that weighs over 100 pounds could not be carried outside every time she needed to go.  You get the picture…so we “bit the bullet”, so to speak.  She was able to walk  just fine and even went up steps..    Back to Patches… unfortunately, while we were gone on vacation, Patches disappeared and the neighbor did not know where she went.  She liked to roam at night and we hope she was found by a friendly soul and not one of our great Florida hawks.  Our Gracie is a real “senior dog” now and doesn’t climb steps anymore. She has to be lifted into our truck for the rides she loves to take.  From room to room she follows either my husband or me. She never wants us out of her sight. Whether up in the mountains of VA or at home in FL, she makes herself at home. VA back yard view 079bill and Gracie at Overlook and mtssm


A blessing beyond explaining…our Gracie.


The video you are going to see could be Gracie, even though it is not.  This Golden has the same white face of an older dog and a Gracie look-alike in every way.   Be ready to be touched by the patience exhibited by this kind dog…and one may say, “Why can’t people who are different get along as well?”

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