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Demographics and the Future

young girl read Koran in her school.jpgBesides all the topics in this political season, immigration is still a big bear.  It rises up on its hind legs and screams at us “How dare you think of being in my territory!”

Yet, we are soft-hearted, wanting all to have opportunity.  We know and  love our history in the U.S.A. which tells us about  people of every race and religion  who carried their meager belongings onto Ellis Island and settled  throughout our country.  Some of these fled great persecution.  All hoped for was peace and a place to live and raise their families quietly.  It is no different today.  Why then is there so much furor over this very topic of immigration?

The answer may be one of these:

  • We like our culture where all nationalities can flourish here.
  • We like our choice of religious faith. We don’t want people to come here with the goal to change us.
  • We wish we were not a “nanny state” that rewards people for little work since our emigrants of the past had to work hard to even exist. (We have watched the Mexican laborers working in the fields of VA and no one works any harder than they do.)
  • We’d like to have control of our borders.
  • We want immigrants to be vetted and come legally.
  • We’d don’t want to feel threatened by those who claim to hate what we stand for.

I’m sure there are more reasons that we could list…but space is short…for you will stop reading and you’d never get to the informative, factual video presented below for all our thinking.

Within these reasons, we stated that we “like our choice of religious faith”.  This is where the rub comes when considering immigration. One of our treasured freedoms in America is the freedom of religion and immigrants bring theirs with them.

First and foremost, we must state here that we are entirely for any immigrant bringing his or her own faith with them and worshiping as they see fit.  It is another thing for any emigrant or group of immigrants to have as their goal to change the Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses…and any other faith into the Muslim faith. It is also another thing to have them want to change our laws of the land to include their beliefs, which may include the belief of Sharia law.

(In another blog I told of our wonderful neighbors in Florida who were born Muslim and practiced their faith, while appreciating that we are Christians, without trying to change us.)   Having said this, we are certain that there are many Muslims just like these neighbors. Unfortunately there are those also who want religious change in America.  If you want to know more about the many facets of Sharia Law, this site is recommended:   Sharia Law in America

One may say, “Why write about the Muslims’ belief in Sharia and not another faith?”  Good question, but other faiths are not calling people “infidels” because they practice faiths other than the Muslim religion.  No radical branch of Buddhists, Jews or Christians  are beheading anyone.  It is fairly simple to see why people of many faiths are concerned about mass immigration of Muslims to the United States or to Europe, who adhere to Sharia Law.  In some cases, assimilation into the culture of the chosen country is often not a part of the immigrant’s plan or encouraged by the leaders within the community, leaving Sharia Law as their focus.

The title of this blog is  Demographics and the Future.  We start with the meaning of demographics? It is “statistical data relating to the population and particular groups within it”.   Population growth or lack of growth plays a big part in people continuing to enjoy the history,culture, and religious beliefs of which they have always been a part.

We now have to take a long, hard look at demographics, in this world of change, as it relates to population and immigration of Muslims from Muslim countries to countries where religious preferences and laws are not Muslim. What then will it mean to the culture and future of any country?

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