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9-11 Part 1…Hamburg Terrorists


The Hamburg terrorist most likely walked or rode bikes by my home in Venice, Florida.  Venice, Florida is a peaceful, quiet place situated on a little island on the Gulf of Mexico in the U.S.A.  It has a small airport and no one would have dreamed that evil was lurking there. No one would have believed that several young men who just wanted to learn to fly would commit with an aircraft the murders of thousands.

A flight instructor at the Venice Airport refused to train them because they acted oddly when it came to learning to land the plane.  He decided to complain and another instructor took over.  No authorities in the local area  had been warned by federal authorities about their possible connection to  the terrorist group  Al Qaeda led by Osama bin Laden.   Yet, here they were, ready and willing to learn, take their time and then strike like great, poisonous snakes to martyr themselves for their religion.

Within a few days here in the U.S., we will honor the victims of 9-11. After 15 years, we will once again say “We will never forget”.  We also need to say, “We will never allow evil to strike again”….and yet it has…even so close to our home in central Florida, in Orlando.

 Who were these young men who brought such evil to our shores?    This blog is Part 1 of a two part remembrance of the terrible day of September 11.

The video below explains in detail how they prepared for their mission.  It explains how their radical religious faith brain-washed and recruited them to carry out such horror.   Narrated by those who studied the 9-11 Report, we can learn many things.  We must not forget the tactics used, and even today, to bring havoc upon the innocent.

( On Sept. 10, Part 2 will be posted in honor of the fire fighters who responded to the 9-11 attacks and the first fire fighter to lose his life.)

Video by History Channel


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