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Going the Extra Mile

Mark Ross and sister with Officer Robison.jpgThis is only one incident of a policemen going the extra mile for someone they can help. With all the publicity of a few cops who didn’t do the right thing, it is a privilege for Boyer Writes to give honor to Officer Robinson who did.

It seems that a young, African American man whose sister had died was trying to get to his family’s side, but did not have a car.  He asked a friend, who had a warrant for his arrest and a suspended license to take him.  Actually Mark Ross had a warrant himself and his license was suspended also. Speeding down the road together, Officer Robinson stopped them. Ross believed he was going to be arrested.

After hearing why they were trying to get to the family, you will hear the genuine concern in the officer’s voice when he offers to help them.  As a Christian, the office prayed over the young man before taking them in his patrol car for about a 100 mile trip to find the family of the sister who had been killed in a car accident.

Here is the video with the entire story. One thing that Mark Ross had to say after the incident was that he had “always hated police, but this man gave him HOPE.”

Stop and think before criticizing all police.  They have a job to do and most do it well. Most also have good, understanding hearts. This story could have gone a different direction if the men in the car had tried to flee or pulled a weapon…or even had a bad attitude with the policeman, seemly trying to resist his instructions or questions.   See what actually happened.    Video of Policeman and Mr. Ross

( You may also want to see a previous video that was shared on Boyer Writes on what to do when pulled over. )

(What to do if you have a permit to carry a firearm and are pulled over. Extremely important because a policeman must be certain you will not harm him…and you do not want a mistake to happen because you do things the wrong way.  See video




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    good to hear some good news about our police


    September 30, 2016 at 03:13