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A Democrat Reassesses His Vote

Who is Doug Schoen and why does his opinion on our U.S. election matter?


Douglas Schoen

Douglas Schoen graduated magna cum laude from Harvard, and holds a degree from Harvard Law School as well as a doctorate in philosophy from Oxford University. He has lectured at the Institute of Politics at Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government, the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, and the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University.  

Perhaps most of all, we may want to listen to what he has to say because he is a Democrat who has known the Clintons since 1994.  He was a strong Democratic supporter and adviser to them.  He is now reassessing his vote and  tells us why in the video below and in his writing for  The Hill.  


Let’s be clear.  Schoen is not a supporter of Trump…but he does care about what will happen to our nation and the turmoil or even “stand-still”  or “Constitutional crisis” that our government will face if there are trials in the future…after the election… for supposed wrong doing.

Schoen wrote the following:   “…Moreover, we simply cannot face a situation where the president elect may need or want a pardon from the president to govern. Or worse yet, need to pardon herself after she takes office.  As of now, I have no confidence that either of those questions will be answered by Election Day or that we will have full clarity on an investigation into what could be as many as 650,000 emails that found their way to Weiner and Abedin’s computer.   However, in good conscience, and as a Democrat, I am actively doubting whether I can vote for the Secretary of State. I also want to make clear that I cannot vote for Donald Trump as his world view and mine are very different.  I remain a Democrat and proud of the work I did for six years for President Bill Clinton between 1994 and 2000 and I write with extreme sadness. But I cannot in the waning days of the election make the case that Secretary Clinton should be elected. I still share her worldview and am much closer to her approach to policies than I am to Donald Trump. That said, with America facing a potential constitutional crisis after her election, I am not able, under the circumstances we are now facing, to vote for Secretary Clinton….”

You listen and see if you think he makes sense, then read Mr. Schoen’s  full article in The Hill .


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