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For the Soul and the Body


There is probably nothing sweeter than honey. One may find it interesting that honey is compared to sweet or pleasant words.  The benefits are extraordinary for the soul and for the healing of the body, according to Proverbs 16:24.

Pleasant words are like a honey comb…sweetness to the soul and healing to the body.”

What we say and how we say it may actually effect our health.  We know that angry words fill the body with stress.  Resentments, even if not verbalized, can do the same.  When you feel like striking out or blistering someone with your words, try saying something totally different…a complement or something caring.  See if your whole body seems to relax.

The purest honey is from the honeycomb. Its ingredients include water, pollen, fructose, glucose, organic acids, proteins and enzymes.  As to the benefits of honey or the honey comb on the body, I found this interesting:

“Called the “nectar of the gods” by the ancient Greeks, honey is enjoyed by many today, not only for its health claims, but also for its sweet taste. The healthiest honey is honey straight from the honeycomb, and it is harvested for many uses.   

  • Chewing Honeycomb helps allergy symptoms.
  • Raw honey straight from the comb can help with scarring of the skin, skin infections and as a moisturizer. 
  • Honey is filled with the main amino acids , B,C,D, and E vitamins as well as essential enzymes. 
  • It is a fat fighter because it boosts metabolism and is an instant energy boost.
  • Honey cleans the blood vessels and aids digestion.
  • As a home remedy, it has been used for years for athlete’s foot, arthritis pain, yeast infections, hangovers, sore throats, insomnia, and cuts and burns. “


 As we look around our world, it is astonishing how our Creator made everything so perfectly.  The tiny bee knows instinctively how to find the flowers where they sip the nectar.  They know how to build the comb where they will make the honey. God’s little creatures know math, science, and much more to do what they do.
 Now let us consider the bee and the amazing hexagons that form the comb.  One may ask, “How do the bees know which dimensions are needed to make this structure?  The hexagon absolutely  perfectly fits in economizing the labor of the bees and the wax needed to construct the comb?”  We know that it is a mathematical truth that there are only three geometrical figures with equal sides that can fit together on a flat surface without leaving gaps: equilateral triangles, squares and hexagons.
 “More than 2,000 years ago, in 36 B.C., a Roman soldier/scholar/writer, Marcus Terentius Varro, proposed an answer, which ever since has been called “The Honeybee Conjecture.” Varro thought there might be a deep reason for this bee behavior. Maybe a honeycomb built of hexagons can hold more honey. Maybe hexagons require less building wax. Maybe there’s a hidden logic here…Two thousand thirty-five years after Marcus Terentius Varro proposed his conjecture, a mathematician at the University of Michigan, Thomas Hales, solved the riddle. It turns out, Varro was right. A hexagonal structure is indeed more compact.”  (Robert Krulwich)

In recent years, the honey bees have been dying.  It is absolutely important to protect these little creatures.  The honey bee is a major pollinator of many of our food crops, almonds, apples, avocados, blueberries, cantaloupes, cherries, cranberries, cucumbers, sunflowers, watermelon and many other crops all rely on honey bees for pollination.


The importance of the bee is in our sayings: “Busy as a bee”  To get from the flower to the hive that they have made with such care…produce the honey and give mankind and animals a wonderful, sweet food is remarkable in deed.  See the video below on our honey industry…and remember to keep your words pleasant and sweet …for your health’s sake and those around you.    



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  1. anroworld

    Wow, cool video! I do not like honey, I guess my body rejects it, but I love getting to know more about it! Happy weekend, my Friend!


    November 19, 2016 at 19:36