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God Given Talents…and work

It takes effort and work to fine-tune talents that we may have.  Some seem more pronounced than others, but all in all…our talents great or small are God given. Consider the brain that tells the body what to do. Consider the fingers that play the piano that the brain tells the muscles to move as one reads the notes.   All of this is miraculous.

When I was very young, I went to to boarding school.  My love there was playing the piano with Mrs. Tolison as my teacher.  I have mentioned this in a blog before, but looking back on the event I believe that there was talent there.  Nevertheless that talent was placed on hold because of a move to an apartment with many steps that prevented a large piano from being moved there.  It also had something to do with the fact that my dear mother was a single parent and could not afford anything else at the time.  Circumstances change things in our lives.  The talents we have may lay dormant for years…and then be renewed if we are willing to put the effort into its renewal.

winston-churchill-painter2Sir Winston Churchill had a talent in painting.  Being that he was busy being the Prime Minister of Great Britain may have had something to do with his delayed use of his artistic talents.  He had the responsibility to plot the future course of the military campaign to defeat Nazi Germany. But Winston Churchill could not resist the allure of the magical medieval city of Marrakesh, which was a five-hour drive to the south.

Churchill had begun his love affair with the desert citadel on a winter painting holiday eight years earlier and fallen in love with the striking contrast between its terracotta walls, arid desert location and azure sky.In particular he wanted Roosevelt to see the spectacular Marrakesh sunsets, for which the  “Paris of the Sahara” is renowned and which illuminate the distant Atlas mountains as the muezzin make their call to prayer.
But more prosaically Churchill also had an urgent need to paint.The day after Roosevelt left following the unscheduled two-day visit Churchill opted to set matters of war and affairs of state to one side for another night of painterly indulgence and remained in Marrakesh with the express purpose of capturing his beloved North African sunset in oils.That painting was the only wartime canvas he completed but it re-energized him and he returned to the Cabinet War Rooms revitalized. Painting was Churchill’s release valve and it wasn’t just therapy. He was an accomplished artist who produced more than 500 canvases in his life despite taking up painting only in middle age and even exhibited at the Royal Academy…  (Jane Warren)winston-churchill-paintingwinston-churchill-painting-in-studiowinston-churchill-painting-6winston-churchiill-painting-5




This painting was stored in an attic…almost forgotten…and at auction brought a high price.



We are never too old or too young to develop the talent God has given to us.   What is your talent?  Use it…for it would be a crime to waste it.  Yes, it takes work and perseverance.

Video of a 4 year old developing her amazing  God-given talents. 

(Notice that she is reading the music as she turns the pages. Unfortunately we don’t see her dear face because of advertisements at the end…oh well, the rest is great and beyond belief!)

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