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Christmas Day…Simply for our Listening Pleasure

This Christmas Day is a happy day for many and a sad one for the lonely or destitute.  Many are blessed with families to share in gift opening and a wonderful meal.  Sometimes those who are far from us come home to share the moment.  That is not always true of every home, but last Christmas Eve the churches were filled with those who did make it home for Christmas.   Our military men and women stationed and working far away  probably dislike “I’ll be Home for Christmas” because they know that it has to be only in their thoughts.

Take a moment; relax from all the activities of the day and  reflect on how you made someone feel better at a sometimes troubling time of year.  Feel good about that and give it to God because you were doing it as His hands…and His voice of love.

This is one little girl who shares her God-given talents with others, especially at Christmas.  Elizabeth says, “The thing I most enjoy about music is getting to go to different places and dressing up. I also like seeing the smiling faces of people in the audience enjoying my music.  It seems like the people that listened to me play enjoy classical music. Because of this experience, I may want to play for retirement centers again.”


Elizabeth Aoki  is from Cresskill, New Jersey and has studied at the Juilliard Pre-College division with Masao Kawasaki. She attended the Aspen Summer Music Festival, where she auditioned for From the Top. She has been a member of the Juilliard Pre-College String Ensemble and Youth Chorus.


Here is Elizabeth performing in 2012, simply for your listening pleasure on this Christmas Day.




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