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Adrenaline Rush for 2017

Are you the thrill-seeking type?   Frankly, when it comes to heights, I stand far back in a hotel open-view elevator. Why?  I’m not certain for if it drops, the entire elevator will fall and it will not matter if one is peering from a closer view.   It does beg a question however, when thinking of this along with goals for 2017 and fighting our fears to do something that is beyond our comfort zones.  The goal may not have anything to do with heights, but only a kind of a dread…of doing something that may be considered unusual or “out there” to others…or to one’s self.   You can ask yourself the question…am I willing to live a little more this next year?   Am I held back by what others may think or say?   Have I been putting off doing something, but believed that I’d do that “someday”?     My mother did an embroidery that says “Life is short…handle with prayer.”    

China has just this year finished a bridge that is the highest above the ground than any other bridge in the world.  It is called the Beipanjiang Bridge.  Take a look and think about the engineers who designed it…and the workers walking above the gorge on the partly built bridge (with or without a life-rope).

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So go for it!  No one is asking you to build or dive off a bridge, but to reach out to the one thing that you have been putting off.  Nevertheless, handle life and your decisions with prayer.   God will give you the strength and wisdom to know if it is the right thing or the right time.   There could be an adrenaline rush for you or maybe just a peaceful feeling that you are taking life seriously and don’t plan to miss any of it.

12 Bridges…for your New Year pleasure from around the world

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  1. anroworld

    Here’s to the New Year… And all the promises And hopes it brings! As you sip your wine Celebrating the New Year Hope each day brings you Showers of joy and surprises! Happy New Year!


    January 1, 2017 at 02:15