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The Corner Stone of America and a Farmer’s Heart

farm fieldsMany of us have seen Shark Tank, the program where investors interview a person who believes that they have invented something great for the market and the economy.   Perhaps this particular program, that I’m sharing with my readers today, will not only share a great idea for all tree farmers  but the heart of one man who cares about the hard working people of the world.   He wants to produce and  afford his product…but also wants the farmer to be able to afford it.

(Below:  Florida Orange Trees, Apple Trees, Pecan Trees)

When my husband and I were at our house in VA during the Fall and harvest season, we were greatly impressed with the long…long…hours that the farmers and their workers spent all day and late into the night getting their products to market.  Their trucks, laden down with cabbage, pumpkins, broccoli, apples, and much more rolled endlessly down the road.  Time was at an essence.  If they had survived the weather, they now had to be certain the crops did not rot in the fields.   Many of these people went back generations in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and North Carolina.   Farming is what they know and that hard work has its rewards.    Farmers are also concerned about droughts, pests, hurricanes and freezes.  Their bottom line is greatly effected by all of these as well as their expense for fertilizers, power, equipment and water to grow their trees and plants.

Now, I am happy to share with you Arcadia, Florida farmer, Johnny Georges’ request for help from the Shark Tank investors to share his water conservation invention, the Tree T-Pee.   (and his new partner from Shark Tank, John Paul DeJoria)

Johnny is especially interested in this to be available to the farmers  who grow trees of every kind. This is an emotional request that clearly shows his love for the  environment, hard-working people and his Father who taught him “Nobody owes you nothing. Life is what you make it.”  

Turn on your sound.



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