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Dedicated to All Mothers

Mother's Day

It is hard to describe what it is like to be a Mother.   A Mother carries the new life with her for nine months.  There is the anticipation of a life time of love and joy between her and this new human being.   Many times this happens and the Mother is blessed,  but for some Mothers there is disappointment and sadness.  Nevertheless, a mother is always the one who gave life to this child and without her there would have not been life at all.

Her hopes and prayers never fail that this little one that was and is so much a part of her will experience the best things that life has to offer.  She presents her child to God and prays He will look over this one as he or she grows.  When the child is  no longer young and needing her care, she is proud of accomplishments and prays, as she grows older, that this special child will know her love has always been there and will always continue.

Recently I received an email from Dave Davis who shared this with me about his dear Mother and Grandmother.  He has given me permission to print it here for my readers. I think it is very special for Mother’s go through many situations when rearing a child.

“My Grandma Elliott was a very loving and happy woman. She died in 1994 at age 104. 15 years later I went to my Mom’s in Naples, Fl. for CHRISTmas and in the closet that had been my Grandma’s, I found an envelope addressed to me!
There were a couple of items inside and one was this poem called My Mother. I began to read it and thought wow, this is very well written! Then towards the bottom of the page the flood gates opened….I had given my Mother many scares from accidents such as falling in quicksand when 15, getting hit by a train when 18, falling 3 stories onto a stone terrace in New Orleans when 20, 21 breaking my leg in 3 places parachuting, 21 again, I was hit by a car on my motorcycle, and calls such as in 1973 ; “I am in Israel (Yom Kippor War) to fight as I believe in Israel’s right to exist, 1975 Mom, I’m ok but I just climbed the Matterhorn but I am down now, and 2005 Mom, Lil (my wife) has died I am so lost and broken…
My gentle Mother loved me through all the trauma and all the heartaches.
All that I am and will be is because of My Mother. She literally chose me to be her son when she received the call from Catholic Social services that they had a 4 month baby boy available for adoption. She hung up and called Dad to say come home, “we are driving to Peoria to bring home a son.”
My Mother died December 20, 2014 at age 99. Love you Mom!”
  (The poem called “My Mother” that Dave found.)

My Mother by Dave Davis

Special Music for all Mothers:

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