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Family Matters

family at dinner

We often hear about this group or that group that “matters”.   Have we forgotten the people that should matter the most to us?….the Family.   Yes, we encourage our children grow up and go out into the world, to find their way, and become good citizens.  That is all well and good, but we should also be telling them, by our actions, that they are never forgotten and that Family Matters.    If they want to “forget” us, then that is another story and there is not much one can do about those decisions that harm and hurt the family we care about.   What we say in front of our children gives them knowledge of what values should be.  Often, but not always, they follow those examples in their adult life.  african-american-family-eating-dining-table-

family-dinner-table AsianIt is heart breaking to see a family with young children come into a restaurant and most of them, including the adults, pull out a phone to either text someone, read messages or play a game.   One has to ask, is this what we are teaching our children about family time?

What about Grandparents?   Does divorce or growing older keep children away from the grandparents who are  related to them?   We, as parents, make these decisions also.  Remember that children cannot help where there are problems between adults.   They can learn a great deal from getting to see their Grandparents.   How about telling our children to make  a phone call or write a thank you note to let them know that they too, as Grandparents, are not forgotten and are an important  part of the family. Christmas-Dinner-Prayers Grandparents

Take a look at this video that our son sent us from Australia.  It speaks volumes.

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