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PATHETIC PETTINESS…open letter to reporters and journalists

I’m not certain about the thoughts of most of my readers, but as for me, I am SICK of the small minded, pettiness of those who write articles and internet posts, trying  to make something out of nothing.   Therefore, I write this open letter blog to whomever has some integrity as a writer left and might decide to make a change.

I will give a few examples of my complaints, but first I want to say that when we traveled one year to Switzerland, it was our pleasure to meet an elderly Swiss man who had decided that life was too short to even buy a newspaper…let alone watch TV.

Instead, he chose to enjoy his friends, climbing in the mountains on a regular basis and tending his lovely garden…all at the age of 90.   His home was one of European style with large pictures of his ancestors lining the staircase.   I think his belief was that we in the world have gone “mad” and one has to seek out better things. 

My first advice:   Get a grip on your profession, reporters and journalists!    Just this week in  England we have at least 22 people killed and more than 100 injured, including 12 children at a concert that was suppose to be full of life and fun.  One terrorist added another evil act on innocent adults and children.  We are warned in Holy Scripture what will happen to anyone who harms a child in anyway. This man has met his Maker.

Saffie Rose Roussos died Manchester England 2017 Terrorism

Saffie Rose Roussos died by terrorism in Manchester, England 2017

Take a look at this lovely girl’s face.  She is Saffie Roussos who was 8 years old. Her teacher said she was a “beautiful little girl.”  Saffie  died because of these senseless attacks around the world.

Yet.… Some reporters write not about the lives or families of people such as Saffie Rose Roussos,  but choose pettiness instead.

Give an example, you may say….Okay, we can do that:   How about the numerous articles and pictures that came out about what a person wears on her head at  the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, a very holy place to Jews…or if the skirt was an inch or two above the ankles…or if “fake feminism” was being shown because the President’s wife walked slightly behind him.   Petty…Petty…Petty

gettyimages-Ivanka Trump Wailing Wall 2017

Ivanka Trump touches the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City, May 22, 2017. credit REUTERS/Heidi Levine/Pool

Who cares about those things?!

The next global attack may be where you are standing with your camera.   You will then never have an opportunity to show your true gift of writing or make the world a better place because you revealed through your camera or your pen the things to which most people do not have access.  My second and last advice:   Don’t degrade your profession.  Set  yourself a higher standard.

When our President was  given an opportunity to speak  to over 50 Arab nations about the real problem that we on  earth are facing together ( including you), I hardly think it is time to nit-pick at such minor things.  At least someone is speaking to the Middle Eastern countries about joining together to stop terrorism.  Saffie had a right to live and grow up and to contribute her talents to the world.   Yet, you continue to show the pettiness that more and more of us are beginning to abhor and call “PATHETIC”. 

Yes, the old Swiss man was right…”It is all news that does not brighten my day.  Why should I bother to listen to it or to read it?”

Nevertheless, we do…unless we decide not to.




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