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It seems that even our animals are not safe from the opioid crisis. Veterinarians are seeing more and more dog patients who are stricken because they are simply taking a walk with their unsuspecting owners over something that has been thrown to the ground.

Every dog owner knows that a dog will sniff anything and often ingest things left outside.   This is a warning to all pet lovers that your animals may not be safe to walk around your neighborhood.

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The careless acts of those with a terrible addiction, that has killed so many people in our country and the world, is not their first concern… for children, other adults or even animals.  Neither is it for those who sell these opioids. No matter what kind of neighborhood you live in…BEWARE.



In the situation you are about to see on this video, it took the vet giving more than one dose of the chemical to reverse this almost fatal drug.    BE VERY ALERT  and watch everything that may be in the path…or off the path…while walking your dog.  This would be the case whether on or off a leash.   Often the leashes that allow a dog freedom to move out and away from their owner might not be the best choice.  Something to think about.

WATCH THIS VIDEO AND ARTICLE  (turn up sound)     Wait for the 2nd video, after the first, to view the better video that shows the owner and the vet speaking. 

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