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Beautiful Gregorian Music


Durham Cathedral in England


In a busy world, there needs to be a time to stop and listen to something uplifting.  The “rat-race” of life, the hurriedness of our pace, and the stress that accompanies our every move, must be slowed down for a healthier, more restful existence.  By the way, the squirrel at the top of the page is Charlie.  I find a restful moment watching “Charlie” each morning from my kitchen window.  God’s nature is wonderful as well as His inspired music.

Play this video as you stretch out and relax or as you are preparing a meal. There are no pictures to watch…just music to hear.  Let it resound throughout your home.    May you be blessed this weekend with these beautiful Gregorian chants in sacred music.

VIDEO  (Turn up sound. There is a slight delay in the opening…so give it a moment. )   Illumination-Peaceful Gregorian Chants– Dan Gibson’s Solitude


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