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What exactly is LENT?

Temptations_of_Christ 12 century mosaic st mark's basilica Venice _(San_Marco)

In St Mark’s Basilica in Venice is the painting of The Temptations of Christ

For readers who are not Christian or do not understand why Christians practice a somber period of time before the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, it may be good to give an explanation of LENT.

The word “Lent” is derived from Old English lencten, meaning ‘spring’, the lengthening of days after winter is over. This was a period of spring fasting known in Old English as Lencten-Fasten, or in its abbreviated form, as Lencten or Lent. The ecclesiastical name for this once mandatory period of fasting is the Quadragesimal Fast, or the fast of the Forty Days, in imitation of the forty days of fasting performed by Jesus in the wilderness.” (Encyclopedia.com)


From the Brooklyn Museum is a painting of Christ in Desert during 40 days.

As Christians, we decide in our own ways, a time of reflection and serious thinking about the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus for our sins. Because Christ was born into mankind, he had to resist the temptations that men and women have had to face throughout history.  His ability to do so was no different from the soul-searching and agony that many of us face in difficult situations. That was because He was completely human even if He was the Son of God.

I would encourage our readers to take a few minutes to look for these opportunities to contemplate the life of Christ as part of your quiet times in LENT.

In the video below, the actors portray Jesus and His 40 days spent in the wilderness.  In this setting, Jesus was away from the crowds that followed Him and only had God, His Father to share His earthly conflicts.  It is during His time in the desert that Satan, dramatized here as the source of evil, appears to Christ and offers Him the kingdoms of the world and food for his hunger…with a condition.   Our own temptations often have compromises and conditions as well as consequences.

Parts of this video are difficult to watch, but there was nothing easy for our Lord and neither is resisting easy for anyone.   Perhaps understanding what Jesus the Christ went through will help us understand the season of LENT a little better.

Video   (turn up sound)



Credits:  The Bible TV Series,  Satan tempts Jesus in the wilderness (Matthew 4) extract by Tomas Viluckas 2014


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