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Keep Moving!

2012-07-14-Spudman-Triathlon-SwimmerThe secret to longevity may be a simple thing like MOVEMENT.  Of course, we are removing other factors of genetics or sudden accidents that could supersede activity.    Having watched my Uncle John move about with almost no help, I am becoming even more convinced.  At almost 96, he still works in his garden and has played golf just this past year with his daughter.   I believe movement may be the key.  We sit too much…especially at the computers at home or work…or before the TV.

My son is swimming in a Triathlon in Germany as I write.   He is certainly not in his 20’s or 30’s…but keeps fit and  “on the move!”swiming triathlon

He sent me the video below that I hope you will enjoy.  It will be even better if you speak French, but this lady emphasizes that at over 100 years old, she just keeps “moving.”   Maybe 100 is the new 80.

Therefore, for your weekend, enjoyment, here she is.  Sometime today take a walk. It could add years to your life.

taking a walk




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  1. I need to be more like her now, not just in 40 years :). She is precious.


    July 2, 2018 at 22:56