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Just a little Out of the Way

If you have been to a major department store recently, you will see that the Christmas decorations are already out…and it is not even Halloween!   This may also seem that a blog of this type is way ahead of the season, but even though it mentions the birth of Christ, it is actually the message of “giving of ourselves” even if it does make us go a little out of the way.

giving a helping hand

How often we don’t want to stop what we are doing to help out, but throughout the Holy Scriptures we are shown that going out of the way is God’s way.   Remember those who crossed over to the other side of the street, but a man needed help. Only the Good Samaritan stopped to give assistance.  There was a reason that he was named “Good”.    Then there were the beggars and the blind, but Christ reached down to heal and give new meaning to a life.  Just a moment of our time can change things more than we realize for someone else.

Think of this as you go about your weekend for I’m certain something will come your way that will make you stop and think that you can reach out and be helpful.  We can GIVE of ourselves.

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