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The Bond of Love

The love we develop for the animals of the world is a bond that is hard to explain.  It is one so strong that even after the animal is no longer alive, the love is still there and the memories.   We know it is true with our beautiful Golden Retrievers that we have had the joy of knowing and loving during their life span.

Gracie in kitchen Howey

Our Gracie Girl

They are loyal and ready to do the job they were trained to do.

9-11 Bretagne and Denise Corliss

Bretagne, the last known 9/11 rescue dog, is pictured with owner Denise Corliss


Do the animals feel the same bond?   It is hard to say, but we hear of those who have traveled miles to get back to a home where they once lived and were loved.  They have the special senses that God has given them…smell, sight and a keenness far beyond human abilities.  Their survival skills are many, but just as human infants, they often must rely on care and intervention to make it to adulthood.

Our military often owe their lives to the bravery of the dogs who have fought alongside them.

soldier and military dogdogsoldier1

Recently I watched a story of love and care by one of a Marine stationed in Syria. His story and bond to a little dog caught up in the brutalities of war is worth sharing in this blog.

Video:  Turn up sound


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