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Cafes of Paris and Elsewhere

As we scrambled today to batten-down everything that could fly away or become a missile during the hurricane that is about to hit Florida and the East Coast of the United States, I decided to write something about a place far away with their own problems…and delights…Paris, France.

Champs Elysées

No, I won’t talk about the terrible tragedies that happened along the Champs Elysées when a crazy mowed down the poor pedestrians just strolling along and enjoying this beautiful city. We have enough crazies right here in the U.S. doing equally insane things.

Instead, I want to write about nostalgia. Paris is a place of history, romance, and the Eiffel Tower. We have places of nostalgia, believe it or not, right here in a not so old country.  They are our favorite places to eat, sit and talk with those who also love to go there and talk, eat and sit. I know some ladies in the Blue Ridge Mountains who meet every day for a cup of coffee in our favorite “Mom and Pop” place.  How many cups they consume, I’m not certain, but they are always there…relaxing and enjoying life.

Why are we drawn to special eating places? The Cafe, The Bar, The Up-scale Restaurant like Ruth Chris or down-home Mom and Pop places.

The cafes of Europe, especially Paris, are a place to eat and sit…sit for a very long while to people watch and relax. Maybe this is why they have become so popular.

What makes a good cafe? It is probably the people in Paris, as an American artist from New York, Rick Tulka, finds fascinating.  Let’s let him explain why he goes to the cafes. He’s been going there for years.

Turn up your sound.


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