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I am happy to announce, that during 2020, I will be continuing to write my books and Boyer Writes blog, but also spend time speaking at various churches, schools, and community organizations.  Below is the information for those interested in being placed on my 2020 calendar as a guest speaker.  (See contact information at the end.)


Topics suggested below are some that may be chosen for your group.  If you have another interest, please feel free to suggest a topic:

DEVOTIONAL BOOKS: ” You can not go where God is not.” in Just Around the Corner by N.W. Boyer

MISSION TRIP EXPERIENCES: MONGOLIA The land at the ends of the earth/ UKRAINE The University takeover /GUATEMALA “The Women of the Cornfields”

RELIGIOUS ART “The Icons of Greek Monastery history”

CHRISTIAN HISTORY: “Inspirational stories of early Christians”

SAVING OUR GENERATIONS TO COME: “The importance of parenting and teaching our youth ethics/ Christian values/ and following God.

“WRITING: “Learning to write and How to publish books and blogs online.”


Speaker lives in Central Florida    1-352-217-3387         boyerwrites@yahoo.com 

Please note:   There is no fee charged by the speaker.  An honorarium is appreciated and hotel accommodations required if overnight is necessary

When contacting, please have this information available:

WHEN, WHERE, TOPICS of Interest, and contact person with phone and email


Nancy Boyer is a retired educator with travel experiences around the world, including taking senior high students to Europe with the Student Ambassadors Program, started by President Eisenhower.  Her missionary/teaching experiences have been in Mongolia, Ukraine, Guatemala and Japan. Chosen by the Japanese government to represent teachers in Florida, she found her love for many cultures.  In her books and speaking engagements, she shares her many adventures that she never realized possible for a country girl from North Carolina. This inspired her recent devotional book,  Around the Corner.   She and her husband, Bill Boyer, a retired Navy Chaplain and Episcopal priest, find joy in sharing their love for Christ and how God has worked in their lives. Around the Corner Front Cover (2)


1-352-217-3387         boyerwrites@yahoo.com 

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