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While we try to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, most feel a sense of isolation.  This may be from family and loved ones or from neighbors with whom we usually have close contact.   Now, things are different.

This blog is an idea blog.   Let’s all pull out the Christmas candles that go in our windows; light them up at dusk and bring a message of hope and faith to our neighbors or those who may ride by our homes.  We’ll light the candle each night until this virus has been conquered.  How wonderful if, as we look out our windows, we see lights throughout the neighborhood!  It will be a sign of courage, hope, and prayers for all.  We also remember the medical personnel who are literally “burning the candle from both ends.”  Hold them close in your prayers. 

candle in a window

candles on steps


We can start with our neighborhood.  As you pass the message around and Boyer Writes readers from around the world light a candle of hope, we could look like this from space!


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Thinking too big?!   I think not.  All things start with an idea.  This is mine!  Unpack those candles and make things brighter for all.  Blessings from Boyer Writes

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  1. Great idea!


    March 26, 2020 at 04:55