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Each year there is an International Dog Day which was started as National Dog Day in 2004 by Colleen Paige, an animal rescue advocate. She chose to observe the day on August 26 as it’s the date that her family adopted their first dog ‘Sheltie’ from an animal shelter home. I like that date because it is just before my birthday on the 27th.

Therefore, a little late, my husband and I would like to honor our most recent Golden Retriever, BELLA, who has been with us less than a year. She is the last in a long line of beautiful dogs that God has allowed us to love. Our Gracie passed away at 14 and for about two years we mourned her. It was like we had lost a child. We missed her so much. Fortunately, we found out that there was a dog in a “puppy mill” who had just had her last litter of pups.

Looking into the situation, the owner had decided not to breed her any further and wanted to let her go to a new place. Bella’s mother and father had been champions in dog shows. This made Bella’s puppies quite desirable for sale…and the owner put a very high price on them.

God must have been looking out for Bella because she certainly didn’t need to stay in that place any longer! She was going to find out what it was like not to be caged and used for seven years…but to be loved day and night.

Bella rides home with us!

Bill and I went to see her about five times until her pups were ready to leave her. When we brought her home, she trembled if someone strange came near her. With love and constant care, Bella found out that people were okay and she could relax in a safe place. She has so much love to give.

She is not only beautiful, but such a “good girl.” She follows us everywhere we go…a true “Velcro dog” and she wants to please us. She has also found that visiting people are okay. However, she will alert us when someone is at the door or give a little growl if she sees someone strange walking in the yard. That’s a good thing. Usually it is our lawn service or pest control men. She is now quick to wag her tail and is a happy girl. She has turned out to be a wonderful dog and we are so grateful for her.

Bella relaxes with my husband

All dog owners will relate to what I am writing in this blog. We are also thankful to the dogs that are trained as Service dogs. They deserve a special recognition day. They helped find victims of 9-11; train as dogs for the disabled; give encouragement to the elderly and provide love and protection.

Service dogs are definitely a blessing from heaven! We see them in action where it is difficult for most people to go. They look for the injured…often pulling them to safety. Their eyes and sense of smell are exceptionally keen.

Dogs, like this one, give special support to the disabled. They are smart and loyal.

Our neighbor trains dogs for this purpose and is extremely dedicated to her profession. She even tries to care for a dog she named “Ghost,” who lives in the woods since someone had most likely dropped him off when he was no longer wanted. He has been there for months.

Ghost could not be caught by the professionals who tried to get him to a safe place. He is probably a very smart dog and knew exactly the purpose of a cage awaiting him. Even food inside would not coach him in through the trap door. He, like many animals, is on his own. Our neighbor tries to feed him and forge some relationship with him, giving him supplements to keep him well.

Ghost roams around at night, for we see him on our security camera. He is a fairly large, yellow dog. Sometimes he seems to be looking for something to play with for he drags loose objects down the hill and carries them all around. He then retreats into his hiding place during the day. I think of him when the Florida storms come most afternoons and evenings…when the lightning cracks. Even our Bella tries to hide in a corner of the room when she hears those sounds. How sad for Ghost who is out in the open, since there are those who dedicate themselves to protecting God’s creatures and would be willing to adopt him from our local animal shelter. Ghost is obviously a survivor… with help from a neighbor who cares.

We are told in the Holy Scriptures that one day “the lion will lay down with the lamb.” I look forward to that day… for when God made dogs, He did it right! They are certainly man’s/and women’s BEST FRIEND!


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