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Music for the Soul

Church music can range from the great choirs with orchestras to the choirs and ensembles of smaller churches. Most choir members have professions of their own, but are willing to put in the hours of practice, especially at times like the Christmas season. It can not be stressed enough to how important music is to the overall worship service. In the changes surrounding the Pandemic, choirs, their directors and the church pastors and priests have had to be innovative to protect the health of their choir members and church attendees, as churches began to reopen.

Choir directors, most often hired by the church, are music professionals. Many have great talents while playing the organ or piano and directing varied kinds of music. Regardless of the sermons, liturgy or other parts of the worship experience, music can be the most inspirational. Often we can imagine it is how the angels must sing. We can be lost in its beauty and know that that many of the hymn writers must have felt the same.

This blog, Music for the Soul, will be shorter because I want you to take the time to listen to two of the best small choirs that we have enjoyed. They are both from small American towns in Florida and Virginia. The choir members are not professional musicians…nor do they profess to have the most perfect singing voices, but they sing unto God, which makes up for anything lacking. Singing from the heart and a perseverance to try to get the music right is mostly what small choir directors ask of their members. So, today I honor these two church choirs and their directors. There are many such choirs around the United States and the world. God’s blessings on all of them!

(click on the blue letters to listen.)

Galax Presbyterian, Galax, VA

The choir of Galax Presbyterian Church in Galax, Virginia….Mary Elizabeth Whartenby, Director and Musician (listen only)

St. James Episcopal, Leesburg, FL

The Women’s Ensemble of St. James Episcopal Church in Leesburg, FL, Debra Carraway, Director and Musician

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