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Thanksgiving and the lowly Sweet Potato

sweet-potatos-in-gardenIt’s orange…and odd shaped. Not the world’s most beautiful vegetable, but one may be surprised at the good it does in this world of violence and discontent.   One report spoke of a third world country where children were going blind.  After the families switched from growing white potatoes to the sweet potatoes, the children’s eyes greatly improved.

World Vision shows sweet potato story

World Vision is a Christian organization that has helped people find hope, health, and a lively hood. Finding help for those who might go blind is certainly what Christ would have done…healing the sight because finding sight can also be a spiritual healing as well.  As the great song, Amazing Grace, tells us “Once I was blind, but now I see.” 

sweet-potatoes2Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamins A, B6,  vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D, Iron, magnesium potassium, natural sugar.   If you know what all these vitamins help in a healthy you…then you are probably thinking about the heart, skin, immune system, and much more.

Thanksgiving is coming soon. It will be a different year for this holiday for many will not go to “Grandmother’s house.”  Others, however, will decide to take a chance that a small group, with precautions, is the way to go since we must not stop living because of the 2020 virus. It may be a difficult choice for some.  So, let’s talk about “relaxation.”

 If you are the cook for the Thanksgiving meal, relaxation may not be what you are feeling.  Most moms, dads, or whoever cooks want things to be the best for those they love.  A friend of mine recently told me of a family gathering that had been carefully planned out and a sibling arrived, announcing that more people would be coming.  This would overcrowd the house, not to mention the specific preparations for food.  The shock-waves that this produced for the hosts practically spoiled the entire event.  Don’t even think of such a thing!  Be grateful for the cook and hostess. Don’t throw in a surprise!  You may never be asked to return. 

It is our wish at Boyer Writes that you will feel rested and “full-filled” as you enjoy Thanksgiving this year. We certainly all need it since the year 2020 didn’t bring anything but stress for most.   As you gather around the table, take a moment to give each person there a chance to say the things for which they are most thankful. Even if a person is not considered religious, they usually have something to share because everyone knows at least one thing that is a blessing in life.  Surely something will come to mind.  We don’t have to look far to see God’s love and mercy when we look further than ourselves.

I love the Norman Rockwell painting of the elderly woman and a grandson eating at a restaurant, with a look of wonderment or puzzlement on the faces of the two young people who must not have thought of praying before a meal.  More than ever, our young people need to see that prayer is important for the everyday small things that God gives us…food being an essential element. 

Which leads me to say a THANK YOU to all the volunteers in churches and organizations that feed the less fortunate many meals during the year and often give out Thanksgiving boxes to those who are having trouble finding enough money for a turkey and the trimmings…and maybe they will add to the box a sweet potato.  

May your Thanksgiving be restful and peaceful….from Boyer Writes

VIDEO  “This is the Day the Lord has made, we will be glad in it…”
This is a Series of Songs of Praise and Thanksgiving for various events by John Rutter. One musical presentation will follow the other and is great for leaving the sound on to hear for easy listening while you do other things.


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