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Charities Do More

If we were to take the statistics of what charities around the world do for people…not the governments…but those who reach out with a donation to charities or some other organization that help people in need, the results would be astronomical. Charities do more than anything to make life livable or to give hope when a person thinks there may be no hope.

We have all seen the long lines of cars where churches or local food banks are handing out necessary food… or for a holiday meal that one can’t afford. No one is asking questions, they just GIVE.

Giving is from the heart and it gives us all hope that people really care about each other. When we see such terrible things happening in the world…as a person being shoved off the platform in NYC in front of an on-coming subway train, it is hard to believe that there is such cruelty against people. What has happened to the human conscience?

This blog is to say that there are many, many good people in the world who love and serve God and want to be kind to their fellow human beings. One might say they are following the “golden rule” of “Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you.” One never knows when we may face great obstacles in life.

Recently, my husband and I wanted to help a charity called Homes for Our Troops. The funds raised by this organization go to build a home for the seriously wounded military, who have given so much for his/her country. It gives to their families a place to live and brings everyone together to begin a healing from such tragedies. (See side panel for link.)

A food bank outside of Christ Embassy Church in Boyle Heights

The Salvation Army, Churches of all faiths, Food Banks and Grocery stores work tirelessly to help those in need…the homeless, the abused, those who have lost their jobs from no fault of their own. In fact, in France, it is against the law for grocery stores to throw away any edible food. Our military gets involved as the U.S. Marines have yearly donation drives to bring a Christmas gift to every child. Charities are crucial to our American way of life…as it is around the world.

We give all charities great THANKS at this THANKSGIVING SEASON. May they all be blessed of God.

If you can afford to find a charity that you believe in, make it a great Thanksgiving for them and for yourself during this holiday.


Recently, I watched a video that touched my heart because in so many cases, insurance is not available or medications for those who are desperate for them. It is also often the case when a charity or people with a big heart step in to save a life.

(BBC (British Broadcasting Company) posted this story of a young cancer patient with the challenges that she and her family faced. It is definitely a case where “charities did more!” After watching this video, if you are in good health, Stop and Thank God…and pray your prayers for the people like this young woman. (Click this link and scroll down to view)


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