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Spirit of Christmas

My last post stressed our need to keep Christ in Christmas. In our commercial world and especially during a Pandemic, it is still a happy moment to see that people want to come out to walk the streets in the fresh air and see the Christmas lights.

In London, the lights had a surprise. They were angels…many angels strung down the streets with outstretched wings. Did this have a subliminal meaning? Maybe not, but it could be a start to people looking at Christmas more than Santa…and toward the eternal meaning of the holiday celebrated around the world.

We know an angel appeared to Mary to tell her that she would give birth to a Savior, Christ the Lord, Who would be called “Jesus.”

Angel appears to Mary….Painting by Luca Giordano 1600’s

In some awkward way, maybe the angels on Regent Street and around the world, hovering over the manger scenes, will bring a message of hope to the world through Christmas lights. It is a thought!

During this Advent season, I plan to find inspirational thoughts on “keeping Christ in Christmas.” I hope you will pass along any of the posts that you especially enjoy.

This video is made by a silent walker in London…just walking and looking at the beauty of the moment without any real narration…only the noise of the streets and an occasional siren or people chatting. ENJOY! You may notice in a few scenes that where are gleaming message moving overhead for all to see. The message is about KINDNESS and LOVE. These are gifts that the Holy Spirit gives that we are to show to one another. All in all, it is a pleasure to see an attempt by a large city to bring a message of hope into the spirit of Christmas.

(You may want to skim through the video via the moving line.)

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