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Angels Unaware

We hear of guardian angels. Do you believe in them? If not, why do we place them prominently on our Christmas trees?

Stories often tell us of some unusual event that happens, with no explanation… yet it seems that there was some intervention. For some, it is difficult to believe in the supernatural. Yet, the Holy Scriptures are filled with stories about things unseen…of people and their premonitions. Angels are a part of many of the Biblical events. Even if the person is not an angel, the Holy Spirit will give special knowledge for a specific purpose. This was true before the birth of Jesus to Mary and after his birth.

An angel appears to Mary, who is a virgin and engaged, that she has been chosen to be the Mother of the Savior, Who God is sending to the world.

When we look at the Christmas story in the book of Luke, we may even miss what happened to two people who first saw Jesus as a baby. One person was Simeon, who the Bible says was guided by the Holy Spirit to know, without doubt, that this child was the promised Messiah.

Simon took the baby in his arms and spoke words to God “…for my eyes have seen your salvation which you have prepared in the presence of all peoples, a light for revelation to the Gentiles and for glory to the people of Israel.”

The parents of Jesus were amazed at Simon’s knowledge, as he blessed them…and continued, “This child is destined for the failing and the rising of many in Israel, and to be a sign that will be opposed so that the inner thoughts of many will be revealed …and a sword will pierce your own soul too.” (Luke 2: 34,35) How interesting that Simeon, through the Spirit, also prophesized the death of Christ and the heartache of the parents.

Simon and the Baby Jesus by Rembrandt

Simeon was not the only one that God had revealed a special word of knowledge. You will notice in this Scripture that God didn’t go to the great priests of the Hebrews with the message, but to a elderly widow, who was 84 years old. Her husband had died and most of her time was praying and fasting in the temple. On seeing the baby, she praised God and spoke out boldly to those around her. “At that moment she came and began to praise God and to speak about the child to all who were looking for the redemption of Jerusalem. (Luke 2:38)

Anna, the prophetess (Painter unknown)

We are also admonished in the Scriptures to not so quickly turn someone away who could be sent by God. “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”– Hebrews‬ ‭13‬:‭2‬

One story, of many, is of a modern day event that people will swear of its truth. Here is one:

I will tell you a story that was told to me when I was very young by many a faithful and dear old souls. It was the account of entertaining an angel unaware. This event had been witnessed by several in the community and I heard of it from trusted relatives and elders of our church. God fearing souls that reverenced God, His Word, and His commandments and would not lie for fear of hells fire.

The story, as best I can recall it, began with my great grandparents welcoming a traveling stranger into their home. The strange man knew no one, had no place to stay, and had only the clothes on his back so they lovingly offered him all that they had, which wasn’t much being very poor themselves. They fed him and talked of The Lord over supper. Then they gave him a changing of my great grandfathers clothes, and having children in the other room offered him their own bed. They slept in the living room that night and when morning came all was quiet. Then noon came and still no stirring of the man. The bedroom door was locked and all was quiet inside. My great grandmother fearing the man had died in his sleep sent her husband in to check. What they found when they entered the room puzzled them. The bed had not been slept in, the clothes had not been worn and lay folded on the bed, the room was empty, windows and door locked from the inside, and no one had left the home as they had been in the living room all night.

Baffled at the strange events they wondered who this man might be and what had happened to him. They soon encountered an other townsmen and asked if he had seen the man. He told them, “why yes, he’s down at the river preaching. The whole town is down there listening to him.”  They headed to the river to see for themselves and sure enough it was the same man. The man preached and taught about The Lord Jesus Christ to the captivated towns people all day and when evening came he told them it was time for him to depart. Someone offered to fetch a boat to ferry him across the massive river but the man refused, saying it was not necessary. With that, he turned and walked across the river… on the water.

For emphasis and clarity I must say that we live in south central Louisiana where our rivers are miles wide, hundreds of feet deep, tumultuous and swift. No man dare brave their waters without a strong boat and live. So let that paint a visual of what those people saw and experienced that day. It changed many of them profoundly and they carried the story of it to their last breaths.”

( by Marandia Wright)

A friend of mine, after reading this blog about angels, wrote me about true modern-day events that happened to her family members. This is what she wrote and I decided to share it with my readers (without names):

My sister’s granddaughter was a preemie. So tiny that even her parents could not touch her for weeks after her Halloween birth. She was in the hospital for over four months. As Christmas approached, I sent a glass angel ornament which was hung on her hospital nursery bed. I was sent a picture recently to show me that the angel ornament once again hangs on the family Christmas tree. Now the interesting thing about this family is that like so many young people today, my sister’s son had stopped going to Mass. The baby’s mother grew up in a Communist country and knew nothing of God , or angels, for that matter. When their baby, who had miraculously survived, was old enough to talk, she started talking about the ‘angel’ in her bedroom. Of course, my sister told me of the angel but also that her granddaughter stopped talking about the angel because people didn’t believe her. Well, some were doubtful. Then there was a second incident which happened a few years ago.

The father in this family, who was on his way to a hospital to get the results of his throat cancer treatment, was stopped at an intersection. A man was standing on the corner, seemingly looking for money. Having just won a lottery ticket earlier in the day and was feeling generous, or maybe hopeful about the results of his doctor appointment, he handed the man $20. The man said, ‘Your cancer is gone.‘  The light turned green and there was traffic, so he had to drive on. But he was so astounded by what the man had said that he turned at the next corner and went back around the block, because he wanted to ask the man’s name. It only took a minute, but the man was gone and nowhere to be seen.  He got good news from the doctor. He was cured. He told my sister that he was sure that the man was an angel. The granddaughter is 15 now and is perfect, with no physical or mental issues, despite her precarious beginning. ” 

God is still working his miracles today and the person you least suspect may be His angel…who is here on earth with a purpose.


If you have never read the Book of Revelation in the Holy Scriptures…or you haven’t read it recently, do so today for it is filled with the angels that brought the message of the last days and the coming of Christ again to the earth. Angels are almost in every chapter. They bring a message of warning, but also the beautiful message of the coming of Christ with a great host from heaven.

Revelation, Chapter 22 gives the beautiful voice of the angel who says, “These words are trustworthy and true, for the Lord, the God of the spirits of the prophets, has sent His angel to show His servants what must soon take place…See I am coming soon and my reward is with me…it is I, Jesus, who sent my angel to you with this testimony…”

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