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Finding Your Assets

You may have noticed over the weeks…even months…that Boyer Writes has been emphasizing various themes. Some of the posts have been on the following words: BALANCE, PATIENCE, WISDOM, SECURITY, ASSURANCE, RESPONSIBILITY, CONTENTMENT.

My thoughts on all these words were to find the parts of our lives that are ASSETS, even if they are at times hard to accomplish. IF we can say that most of the time we fall into a 50%-95% range for most of these words…then our LIFE ASSETS are great! You may not be rich in wealth or fame, but to have these assets is more than most can ever wish for in life. In fact, there may be times when having wealth or being famous can be liability.

My husband and I were going the other day to our favorite Bar B Q place and we noticed that there were no paparazzi following us! How great it is not to be famous!!! Since we are not wealthy, like Bill Gates, we don’t have to worry about where our fortune is going…or who may be fighting over it. Since I have no powerful position, I don’t need to “lord it over” anyone. We can go where we wish without looking over our shoulders.

Sometimes, a person may look at someone with the abundance of things, and may even say or think: “Gee, I’d like that expensive luxury car, or great world-wide vacation, or a mansion with servants like they have.” That is called being “covetous.” The dictionary defines this as “having or showing a great desire to possess something belonging to someone else.” Our teens even want the best of everything…the nicest shoes and clothes, the best cell phones and much more…even if parents can’t afford them.

So what are your assets? Take a moment and think about them. You could name many, I’m certain!

FAITH…FRIENDS…FAMILY…HERITAGE…HEALTH….LOVE OF NATURE…PETS…NEIGHBORS… etc etc. You notice that I put FAITH at the beginning. If FAITH is way down your list, it is time to give it some serious thought. We will not live forever and meeting our Maker is going to happen…like it or not. Hopefully, it will be the most glorious experience you will ever have!

Today, we will add to those words listed above….CONTENTMENT.

In today’s world, it is difficult to be content. Some things are so difficult, we ask the question, ” Is God allowing me to be broken through certain events because He knows something I don’t know?” What kind of an asset is that?

Yet, God knows…and tells us to be CONTENT.

In Hebrews we read, “Let your conduct be without covetousness: be CONTENT with such things as you have. For He Himself has said, ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you.” What an asset that is! It is God’s promise to each of us.

Today I heard a sermon and in this message a true story was told of a man who comes to a Presbyterian church food pantry every day. The pantry has food of all sorts, but this man only takes one can of soup. The next day he returns and gets one more can of soup. This evidently fills his need for food and satisfies his hunger. He is content with what he takes even though much more food is available. He is not greedy or selfish….for he only wants ONE can. The rest he leaves for someone else. Through the ministry of this church, God is letting this man know that He will never forsake him. (I should have heard this earlier to add to the many stories in my new book, The Least of These.)

The story of this man who wanted just one can of soup is not finished because I forgot to write that he told the Pastor of the church, “Please thank your people who fill the pantry box. I may not be a part of your church, but I appreciate what you are doing.”

Maybe my next word in the Boyer Writes blog will be APPRECIATION.

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