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Dancing…the Ultimate No-No

David danced before the Lord…but he didn’t have anyone telling him not to do so! Were there no diseases or problems with closer contact in his day…oh, but he was dancing before the Lord alone, it is presumed.

Perhaps one of the best days in a person’s life is their wedding day. At the festivities after these sacred services, there are times of pure enjoyment. Could it be presumed that if you were told in your city by government officials, you could not dance at your wedding, that you might just move it to somewhere else? It appears that many couples have done just this…to other areas to have the joyous time that should be their right…especially on their wedding day.

Why, then is DANCING, the “ultimate No No?” We, as couples, walk across busy highways and the danger is real. We fly in airplanes that could fall from the sky. We eat and drink in restaurants where unknowingly the cooks might not be clean or the surroundings sanitary. There are dangers everywhere! Yet, we take that chance and move on. It is our choice. We are intelligent enough to decide what is good for us in our daily life. Since when are we to listen to the nay-sayers, who would ruin one of the most important days of our entire life!?

Recently, couples were given the “no dancing ban” from the Mayor of D.C. and in several other states. Why? Good question!

“In a statement, Mayor Muriel Bowser’s office said it has the dancing ban in place as an extra layer of safety to reduce the spread of COVID-19 because when people stand and dance their behavior changes. For example, people are more likely to get close and touch each other…” 

“D.C. is not the only place evacuating the dance floor – Illinois and Michigan have similar bans. New York and New Jersey just recently eased their restrictions on dancing…” ( by Matt Leach)

Well, yes…Mayor, behavior between people just getting married does change. They are in love and yes, there will be touching…like it or not! It happens with couples. Since when does anyone, mayor or any elected official, have the right to tell us when to touch or not touch….or NOT DANCE?

We think King David, of the Holy Scriptures, would approve of dancing…and perhaps even the Lord in Heaven above! Jesus changed the water to wine at a marriage feast. It was a festive occasion in which He took part. Did He dance…or did any of the disciples? We don’t know, but it was in the tradition of the people of Israel to dance, not only to God, but with each other…mostly with men and men or women and women…to share the joy of the occasion!

Therefore, to all engaged couples…from all cities….countries…and around the world, we “HOPE YOU DANCE!”

If you are in DC or some state with great restrictions on dancing or touching at a wedding, perhaps you can call in the Bottle Dancers, even if you are not Jewish. They’ll dance for you.

Turn up your sound: VIDEO

(Thank you to Lisa and Michael for sharing your delightful surprise)

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