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ENGLISH…not the “King’s language” anymore

When I was in Mongolia, I visited a museum. The guide was speaking perfect English to a Japanese man. Finding out that the Japanese man didn’t speak Mongolian and the Mongolian guide didn’t speak Japanese, they both settled on ENGLISH in order to communicate.

Awe!.….The world has embraced this beautiful language! It has brought us together with a great communication skill…spoken and in writing.

Yes, we Americans speak English with different accents. Depending on who is learning the language, the accent is part of the package. We, Southerners speak it differently from our “Yankee” friends, but it is beautiful and sometimes amusing… just the same.

We are glad the world has caught on to what so many of our fore-fathers brought with them to the New World. Fleeing from oppressions, they came…by the thousands. Later, they sailed by the Statue of Liberty…bringing their non-English speakers with them. The King’s English would be no more.

With English, they brought many ideals…such as free speech and eventually, the 1st Amendment that guarantees that we can speak freely. Some, in recent years, have abused the freedom and moved into the realm of destruction or violence. You will notice the word “peaceably assemble” to the right given to speak or protest.


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


Of course, not all nations, that readily speak English as a convenience, believe in this freedom, which is guaranteed in our Constitution. What a shame, for it is another beautiful part of our English language. If anyone should understand the lack of speaking freely, it would be the English from across the pond.

“OFF WITH YOUR HEAD” was a regular command from the Kings who didn’t like what was being said.

The King was given divine rights. When crowned, he spoke freely for God.

Oh, well….being a king and speaking for God is now a thing of history for many countries…or is it? History speaks out! Today’s oppression also speaks loudly, even if it is suppressed or hidden.

In Nazi history, where was “king Hitler” who discouraged any type of speech, spoken or written, that didn’t set well with his goals for the country. Of course, this annihilation of free speech was in German or any other language. The burning of the written words, possibly in Hebrew and German had a similar message as that of the British kings…“Off to the Camps!” which meant only one thing… death to those who spoke out or wrote against the regime. It mattered not who they were or what they contributed to the country. Their mouths were to be shut up completely. This is what it means to any person…in any country… when free speech is taken away.

Today, sad as it is… there are countries that will not tolerate free speech…in whatever language. They send the outspoken to “re-educate” camps. Speaking out for human rights or other freedoms is totally not allowed. Only the government controls what is said publicly and often privately. Ever hear of a room being “bugged?” The world has not learned from history.

Yes, there is a great beauty in any language when it is freely spoken! The ability to speak freely is what men and women have died for. Wars have been fought over it…and other issues. Freedom of Speech is the jewel…the crown…of democracy. Not everyone has to agree with what is being said, but the right to say it is priority.


Our British friends can turn up their noses about the cremation of their beautiful “King’s English” if they wish to do so. However, as the video below shows, American English was a way for new Americans to just get rid of the king! He might be able to speak for God, but not for independent Americans.

Oh, yes, we have some politicians who will move our country away from our God-given freedoms and perhaps even attempt to elect a king-like figure who can control speech. They might even weaken our ability to preserve our freedoms for which, as mentioned, were worth dying to preserve. Should that happen….the new leader will probably NOT speak ENGLISH!!

The King’s Crown


An English term sometimes used by both the British and Americans is to keep a stiff upper lip.” This is believed to be a quintessentially British trait… the repression of emotion. In fact it originated in North America. One of its early users was the American frontiersman, soldier and politician Davy Crockett (1786-1836) in his autobiography published in 1834. (Wikipedia)


On a lighter side, here is a good run-down of the King’s English vs the American way of speaking!


Click here….and turn on sound



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