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It is Sunday Morning, 2021 and it is Father’s Day. It is a day when thousands of Fathers…if not millions…waded through the mud and just prayed they would be able to celebrate this day with a young child…if they could only get home.

His face may have been splattered with mud or blood from a dying fellow soldier, but all he wished for…all he prayed for was the ability to take one more step…to breathe one more breath in order to get back home to the ones he loved.

This man, and the ones like him, in every war or conflict was fighting for one thing…FREEDOM. There was one thing that every man knew as he crossed over a bridge or landed back on American soil, having been a prisoner of war, that his AMERICAN FLAG would be flying high in the sky. The colors of red, white and blue would be waiting on the other side. To him…or her.. that AMERICAN FLAG represented everything good, descent and was worth fighting for. It represented home and family. It was not “divisive or incorrect”, as has been recently said… even if it had become tattered from being carried through every heart-breaking war. It was beautiful. It had meaning…more than most people can express.

It was the American flag draped across the casket that passengers on an airline viewed out their windows. The Captain of the flight asked for “silence and respect” for those meeting their lost loved one. Respect for the moment and respect for all the flag means to those who weep.

The moment as seen through the rain splattered airline window by a passenger

This American flag has been laid in the hands of many a grieving widow or family member as they laid someone dear into the grave. Yes, our flag is a beacon of hope to all Americans. It is as close to “sacred” as the cloth over a Holy Communion cup.

In this time in our history, God give us the wisdom to hold onto the things that matter and the wisdom to know the difference.

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  1. Gayle Olson

    This a wonderful tribute. So many heartbreaking moments in our history. Thank you, Nancy for reminding us of all who we have lost protecting our country.


    June 21, 2021 at 04:09